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It's November 9 and all I can think about is how much I miss the summertime. As comforting as watching the rain is as and how content I am to be hibernating all winter, there's nothing like the California sun. I grew up in the Philippines so I've always been the kind of person who needs to be in a tropical climate. I guess that's why the sun makes me happy and the rain makes me extremely depressed. So on cold winter days such as this one, I find myself California dreaming.

I've been to California three times over the past few years and every visit is a new adventure. Here are some of the highlights from my trip this year!

We stayed at this awesome Air BNB by Melrose Blvd. I highly recommend staying in a central location like this one or West Hollywood. It'll be easier for you to get around especially with all that LA traffic.

This spot was walking distance to the Grove and Melrose Blvd. In case you don't know, Melrose is where Tyga's and Heather Sanders shops are (Last Kings and Sorella Boutique).

Since I went with a group of girls, we visited a lot of great places to take photos and get some good eats.


1) Alfred Tea Room

What I ordered: Earl Grey milk tea ( w/ boba) so delicious!

2) In-N-Out Burger

What I ordered: A double double with fried onions and animal style fries

Cliche but necessary visit every time I go to California

3) Melrose Blvd

My favourite place to walk around and explore. There are a lot of cool walls for " ootds" and there's a market every

Sunday which is pretty much Vintage heaven. A lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers can be spotted here. I saw Kendall Jenner the day I went!

4) Venice Beach

The beach is crowded itself but the canals are absolutely breathtaking. They remind me of the canals in Venice but with a California twist. You see the most beautiful Spanish inspired architecture surrounding both sides of the canal and boats coasting in the water beside you. It's amazing and definitely a hidden gem! I'd never heard about it before this trip.

I wish I back in California but for now I must endure this cold and treacherous weather. Winter is coming friends, stay warm and stay cozy.

Until the next adventure,


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