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Travel Diary: Osoyoos

This is a throwback to when I spent summer 2015 in the Okanagan! This is a 4 hour drive from the main city and is one of the warmest lakes in Canada. It's a desert located in British Columbia and is breathtaking( and very hot)! It's known for its lake, many wineries, and the mythical lochness monster that many have claimed to see in the lakes. I unfortunately did not get to visit the wineries but instead went to this desert centre where you could see little desert creatures and insects. There were also a lot of restaurants by the lake to eat at but I just ate Mcdonalds. In my defense it was right across the street from the hotel! It was convenient :)

Sidenote: I did not see the lochness monster. It's existence remains unverified

Until next time,


#britishcolumbia #advernture #okanagan #osoyoos #travel #vlogger #vlog #blog #video #nature

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