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Staycation in the city: The Burrard Hotel

Before Christmas, I took a little staycation at the Burrard Hotel in Vancouver. This hotel is located on Burrard street in the heart of the city. If you're a Vancouver native like I am, you probably know of this hotel already. It's bright blue exterior and neon signage is hard to miss when you're driving past.

I stayed here for two nights and three days while filming a video project. When I arrived I was greeted by friendly faces and when exploring I immediately fell in love with the retro decor. The atmosphere is amazing. It's like you've been transported into another era ( think Woodstock instead of Coachella.) You feel like you're in California especially with the lush oasis they placed in the middle of the motel. This hotel was converted from a motor hotel in 1956, and has since been remodelled. Although it's been a hotel for half a century it's amenities are up to date. All rooms include wifi and for all the coffee addicts out there... A NESPRESSO MACHINE! You should probably learn how those machines work before you try them out, I may have gotten burnt once or twice. I'm also just really clumsy as a person but i'm sure you all know that if you follow me on the daily snapchats. I should also mention that there is a coffee shop attached to the lobby. Everything we needed was right there!

Top 3 things about this hotel:


This hotel is located in downtown Vancouver. It's easy to walk or commute around the city from this point. I recommend staying here during the summer as it's close to English Bay ( beach) where we go to watch fireworks or lay in the sun. The hotel also provides bike rentals to their guests. They're these cute blue cruisers with baskets attached! Unfortunately they do not have training wheels so proceed with caution.


My favourite part of the hotel is the beautiful fire pit/courtyard. I live the cozy life so this was my favourite spot. It's a great place to hangout with friends or even chill out around the fire. I definitely spent a lot of time here! It's a great spot to unwind and relax


If you're a blogger or into photography, you know what I'm talking about. There are so many great places to shoot here or even film! It's a bloggers heaven with it's retro aesthetic and beautiful courtyard.

If you're visiting Vancouver and looking for a budget friendly hotel I recommend you check out the Burrrard! It's one of the hidden gems of the city.

Check out their website here

Until next the advernture,


Photos courtesy of the Burrard Hotel & Charmyn Chan

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