I'm on my Worst Behaviour

One of my most favourite Shearling jackets from WRSTBHVR !! No , not because their name is the same as Drake's song hehe. But we all know how much I love Drake.

Sidenote: I love this art display at the Train station that's happening right now with the yellow signage. They say various things like " I do not have time for this" and " Say no to bad things" and " I hope you are happy." Definitely makes you think of something...or someone when walking past. I'm not throwing shade heh that's just the truth! Anyways, you neeeed this sherpa in your life!! SO lightweight and warm, perfect for winter days and cold nights out.

Check out their stuff here at www.worst-behaviour.com

#wrstbhvr #fashion #style #ootd #trend #shearlingjacket

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