The Perfect Fall Jacket: TULAROSA X REVOLVE

If you follow me on Instagram and Youtube, you already know how much I love being cozy. Comfort is key for me and that's exactly what drew me to this Tularosa X Revolve ' Jade' jacket. I loved the cropped length and how puffy/comfortable it looked! I probably have about four puffer jackets but this one is a little more feminine than the rest. My friends always tease me by saying, " Vernice you dress like a boy." I mean in this case I look like a British boy who delivers the morning paper haha.

When it comes to outfits I dress according to how I feel that day. Call me an " emotional dresser," if you will. This day it was a freezing and gloomy in Verncouver so I ended up pairing the jacket with some checked pants, combat boots, and a " baker" hat. If you were guessing how I was feeling it was very Les Misérables. I may or may not have had a dramatic moment and sung " On my Own" while walking in the rain. Ok I did. Hopefully the weather turns around here and it stops being so dark and rainy!

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