Winter has finally arrived here in Verncouver and you know what that means- rain, snow, and puffy jackets. If you walk around the city at this time you’ll see the majority of Vancouver’s population in puffer coats and in every colour imaginable. I probably own one or two…or five puffer jackets myself.

I find that people always have mixed feelings about them. Some think they’re chic and stylish and on the other hand, there are those who think you look like a Michelin marshmallow man. In my personal opinion I think they’re comfy, warm, and fashion forward. Fashion and function- a rare combination.

One of my favourite puffer jackets this season is 'PUFFER JACKET 600' from Revolve . It stands out from the rest with it’s patent leather finish but what I really love about it is that the patent isn’t that plastic-y feeling. Is plastic-y even a word? Anyways, not the point. It is still comfortable to wear and made out of this soft light material. And did I mention that it’s warm? I’ve gotten away with just wearing a tube top underneath!

I know the patent leather seems intimidating but here are some of my favourite ways to style it:

Check out REVOLVE x NBD to shop this jacket and more brands like Tularosa, LPA, Majorelle, and lovers + friends on Revolve.com !

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