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Holidays at the Burrard Vancouver

This December, I had the pleasure of staying at the Burrard Hotel for the weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, It’s one of my favourite properties here in Verncouver. It’s retro vibes and cozy interiors never get old! I had a friend join me during this visit and we spent some time relaxing at the hotel as well as venture into the city for some Holiday activities.

Keep scrolling for some pictures of the property as well as a discount code you can use this holiday season!


Connected to the hotel is a small coffee shop called Elysian coffee roasters. They have this awesome meeting space ( pictured below) and serve some amazing Almond Chai Lattes and Avocado toast!


It's always a pleasure staying here at the Burrard and thank you to their friendly staff for making my time there so enjoyable! If you're visiting the city I highly recommend you stay here as it's both affordable and a prime location in the heart of the city.

If you do decide to book a stay, please enjoy this coupon code from the Burrard hotel and I! Happy Holidays Verncouver :)


Book directly through and enjoy 15% off their best available rate, plus you'll be greeted with their Stay Real Snack Pack, which includes their favourite drinks and snacks: a couple of cans of Molson Canadian beers, some Boylan sodas, Hawkins Cheezies, Hickory Sticks, dill pickle chips, and a Coffee Crisp!

Just visit the hotel's booking page and enter the Access Code VERNICET when you choose your dates. Valid for stays through to April 30, 2018, subject to availability and blackout dates.

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