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Hi Friends!

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to stay at the DOUGLAS hotel. The DOUGLAS has become one of my favourite hotels here in Verncouver due to its unique interiors and convenient location in the city. For those of you that have never heard of the DOUGLAS, it is one of the properties connected to the Parq Vancouver along with the JW Marriott Hotel. Seeing as it is connected to the casino, as a guest you will have access to an array of restaurants and amenities.

While I was there I was able to shoot some pieces that I received from Revolve. Since the property does have fine dining options I thought it would be a great opportunity to dress up. The first outfit is something that I would opt for a night out- Leather pants, a corset bra, and bustier top (by REVOLVE x lpa).

(Note: If you are considering purchasing this top from Revolve, size up! I purchased an XS and couldn't breathe haha)

My second outfit option was this Little Black dress (by REVOLVE X Majorelle). If you have been following me for some time you know that I never wear dresses so this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I felt like a girl for once! What drew me to this dress was its off shoulder neckline and the ruching details. I'm not too keen on bodycon dresses as I like to be comfortable but this dress was the perfect fit. It's pretty snug on the body but the material has some elasticity so it's still breathable!

That night we decided to go for dinner at MRKT EAST, a restaurant at the Parq Casino. The staff at the front desk described it to us as a "Singaporean style night market" with an assortment of foods from different countries. We were intrigued by this concept and after looking at the menu, decided to give it a try. We ordered dumplings, sushi, mee goreng, and chicken karaage. We just had to try it all! Also, I should mention that there's also a MRKT EAST bubble tea stand where you can order snacks and drinks. It's open late so if you're staying at the hotel and get some late night cravings you know where to go! After dinner, I just relaxed and watched some Netflix. I passed out pretty early because I had to wake up at six am the following morning for a spin class at Ride cycle club.

Thank you to the DOUGLAS Hotel and the staff for another amazing stay! I highly recommend you stay here if you're visiting Verncouver or looking to take a staycation in the city.


TOP- top 632 by LPA

DRESS-Pandora dress by Majorelle


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Until next time,


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