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SUMMER OF SMIRNOFF: Summer 2018 Recap

This past summer, I had the pleasure of working with Smirnoff Canada to taste and feature their newest beverages on my social platforms. I decided to put together a summer highlight reel because these drinks were the main event of every barbecue, party, and get together these past three months. Here's a round up of some of my favourite drinks and moments of the summer 2018!

My Favourite Beverages

1) Smirnoff Caesar: Caesars are my all time favourite summer drink and you can usually find me sipping on one whenever I'm sitting at a patio. What's great about this is that it's already pre mixed so all I had to do was add ice to the mixture and garnish it with celery to top it off . So easy to prepare and you can easily share between 2-4 people per bottle.

2) Smirnoff Ice ( Pineapple and Green apple): These party packs are a must for every barbecue and get together. They come with an array of flavours but Pineapple and green apple were the best in my opinion. These party packs are great if you like sweet and fruity drinks like me!

3) Berry Blast: If you like those firecracker popsicles then you'll definitely love this! This was great because it's a pretty rare flavour. Basically tastes like the summertime haha.

It's been such an amazing summer but I'm definitely ready for fall. Here's to the days spent in the sunshine and to all the memories made these past three months. Cheers to Summer 2018! #summerofsmirnoff

Until Next year,


Disclaimer: This post is published in collaboration with Smirnoff Canada.


#smirnoff #summer2018 #sumerrecap

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