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Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant - My Full Review

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share this review with you as my favourite deodorant just relaunched their Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant! Secret deodorant has been my go to for years so naturally jumped on the opportunity to review their new and improved aluminum-free formula.

Let’s talk about the new formula before I dive in! This new and improved Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant is free of aluminum, dyes, parabens, glycol, baking soda, and talc. It’s designed gentle on the skin and feels clean when applied. I have the lavender scent and I’m obsessed with its fresh scent!

I decided to take Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant on my trip to the Rocky Mountains with me to test it out. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’m always on the go. I consider myself pretty active so I’m always running around from place to place and adventure to adventure with little time in between to freshen up. That’s why I always carry around my deodorant with me along with some other essentials!

Deodorant is something that’s a part of many women’s morning routines. Much like doing their makeup, it helps us feel fresh and put together. I’ve had some experience with deodorants but have found that I typically have to apply my deodorant in the morning and throughout the day- sometimes multiple times. That’s why I normally veer towards an anti-perspirant however, I did want to still have the option of using a deodorant if I wished- I just had to find a formula I liked! Hence why I was excited to come across Secret’s new Aluminum Free Deodorant which promises to keep you smelling and feeling clean all day long. I was up for the challenge and was excited to put it up to the test!

First impressions: The lavender scent in particular smells super fresh and not overpowering. It applies very smoothly and doesn’t feel sticky at all!

We spent the morning exploring the town of Banff and then decided to rent some bikes for an hour and ride on the trails. I sweat the most on my forehead and on my underarms but even after the bike ride my underarms didn’t feel clammy and were odourless. With other aluminum free deodorants that I have tried in the past, I found the scents were never strong enough and I felt uncomfortable after the first hour of applying. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the exact opposite with Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant!

After the bike ride, I reapplied the deodorant and found that the lavender scent was still lingering. Of course, not as strong as the morning but it didn’t completely fade thanks to its 48H odour protection and sweat activated odour technology! I love how this deodorant doesn’t stain my clothing and didn’t leave my underarms feeling sticky!

At this point we decided to drive out to Jasper National Park to check out the glaciers. I layered up for this but sometimes on the road it can get pretty hot under the layers. We hiked up to the base of the glacier and at this point I was heating up and had to take a couple of layers off. This was probably the most activity we did on the trip and I didn’t feel any discomfort in my underarms.

I am so impressed with this new formula and how it lasted throughout the day. I only had to reapply once and it really did keep me feeling fresh! The only thing I wish is that the lavender scent was a bit stronger and lasted longer, but that’s just a personal preference. To keep the lavender scent strong I reapplied, but I’m confident that if I were doing any other type of light activity that I wouldn’t have to reapply at all. Overall, considering the amount of activity I did, I was super impressed with Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant!

I hope this review was helpful! Let me know if you end up trying the new Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Click here to check it out!

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